Mind, Time and Power! Book



Mind, Time and Power!” enables you to change your life completely from the inside out.

It reveals:

* Secrets of Mental Time Travel and Mental Magic.

* Transform past negatives into Sources of Power.

* Magically draw your dreams from the future into the present.

* Create your goals as here and now realities.

  • Increase your confidence
  • Develop your personal power
  • Visualize and step into your ideal future
  • Stimulate new, creative ideas
  • Solve problems in new ways
  • Easily overcome obstacles
  • Effortlessly attract new opportunities

Click here to purchase “Mind, Time and Power!” as an e-book for only $9.97 USD.

Click here to order the paperback version of the book from Amazon for $19.95 USD


  • powerful new ideas, concepts and success strategies.
  • specific mind power exercises, drawings and photos.
  • transform your mind and your life starting today.
Mind, Time and Power! contains links to
  • on-line training videos
  • on-line MP3 creative visualization exercises

Using the techniques, and watching the videos, will give you the power to:

  • Increase your confidence
  • Develop your personal power
  • Visualize and step into your ideal future

You will learn how to:

  • Stimulate new, creative ideas
  • Solve problems in new ways
  • Easily overcome obstacles
  • Effortlessly attract new opportunities


As you read the book, practice the exercises, watch the online videos and listen to the creative visualization exercises, you will understand how to make the “LAW OF ATTRACTION” work for you, easily and automatically.


The secret of getting the law of attraction working for you is to eliminate the mental and emotional blocks that are preventing it from working now.

Automatically eliminate the blocks which are keeping your ideal future from manifesting for you.

You will learn to clearly visualize your ideal future, then step into the picture, breathe in the new reality, feel the power and experience the excitement of living the reality of your dreams now, as an actual, physical reality.

For only $19.95 (plus postage and handling) you’ll receive the full text of “Mind, Time and Power!” and all the links to the videos and on-line recorded creative visualization exercises.

Partial Table of Contents of
“Mind, Time and Power!”

Chapter One – The Magician Within
  • Developing personal power
  • Regaining balance in your life
  • A five-step magical process
o    Motivation
o    Attitude
o    Goals
o    Imagination
o    Consciousness
Chapter Two – Thinking
  • Unconscious Organizing Principles
  • Conscious Organizing Principles
Chapter Three – Wake up to Your Power
  • Why your life is the way it is
  • Changing your personal reality
Chapter Four – Concepts, Models and Maps
  • Maps of reality
  • Maps of space
  • Maps of time
  • The source of all our problems
  • The solution to all our problems
Chapter Five – Adopting a New Model
  • Is the world a thing or a process?
Chapter Six – Models of the Mind
  • The mind as a storehouse of information
  • The mind as a processor of information
Chapter Seven – The Mind as Creator
  • The mind as creator of information
  • The mind as creator of reality
  • How your mind creates your reality
  • Cultivating your personal power
Chapter Eight – Models of the Universe
  • Welcome to Einstein’s world
  • Accessing your personal power
  • From Newton’s model to Einstein’s
  • What this means to you
Chapter Nine – Einstein’s Model of the World
  • Applying Einstein’s model to your life
Chapter Ten – A New Model of the Mind
  • A new definition of thinking
  • How you create problems for yourself
Chapter Eleven – Implications of the New Model
  • The connection between internal and external reality
  • Your thinking connects the physical and the non physical
  • The influence of the non physical
  • Eliminating negative experiences from your life
  • Eliminating negative emotions
  • Using your imagination as a creative force
Chapter Twelve -Does your mind contain a time machine?
  • Learning from the past
  • Learning from the future
Chapter Thirteen – The Key to Your Personal Power
  • Moving from reacting to creating
Chapter Fourteen – Attitude
  • Is an attitude a thing or a process?
Chapter Fifteen – The Affirmation Principle
  • Erasing a negative attitude from your mind
  • Inserting a positive attitude into your mind
Chapter Sixteen – Beliefs, Emotions and States
  • Eliminating negative states
  • Creating positive states
Chapter Seventeen – Changing the Past
  • Healing your wounds
  • Developing compassion
Chapter Eighteen – Cultivating the Future
  • The garden of your mind
  • Cultivating a new reality
  • The law of growth
Chapter Nineteen – Designing your Destiny
  • A Four-Step Process for creating what you want
Chapter Twenty – The Goals Process
  • Conscious goal-creation
  • How to achieve any goal
  • Designing your life
Chapter Twenty One – The Key to Self-Motivation
  • The two keys to self-motivation
  • Dealing with fear
  • How to Erase Your Fears
  • Staying on the path
Chapter Twenty Two – Using Your Imagination
  • Using your imagination as a creative force
  • Experience your chosen future in advance
Here’s what others have said
about Anthony’s training…
“To your ‘Mental Magic Program’ must go the credit for pulling my knowledge together to form a comprehensive and manageable method of making my life more dynamic and successful.” David L., Lawyer and Writer

“The key ingredient for me was how to put positive thinking to work, practically.” Barbara P., Sales – McLeod, Young, Weir“Health, wealth and prosperity are now in my realm of reality, and you have helped me find the answer.” Ruby S., Realtor – Park Georgia Realty“Anthony not only tells you what the correct attitude is, he tells you exactly how to develop it.” Harvey S., Sales Manager – Jimmy Pattison Group. “I sold a property for three times my previous record two weeks after you gave me the right affirmation.” Rosy H., Realtor – Royal LePage Real Estate“I am learning to dream my own personal dream, to imagine living in a tailor-made future, instead of one off the assembly line.” Esther N., Singer and Songwriter

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