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Cracking The Success Code April 18th Call

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Free course on “Master the Law of Attraction”

Those of you interested in attracting or creating more of the ‘good stuff” and taking your life to the next level of success and personal power have probably read a ton of books on ‘How to Achieve Success’.  You have … Continue reading

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The Primacy of Consciousness

This is the first in a series of seven videos of a presentation given at “Physics of Consciousness” conference, Virginia, 2004, in which Peter Russell explores the mystery of consciousness from both scientific and mystical perspectives, showing how light is … Continue reading

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Creating a Kidney with a Printer

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The Eight Secrets of Success

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Why Are We Happy? — Daniel Gilbert

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The Brain that Changes Itself

This is a brief video on the new science of neuroplasticity…. how the Brain Changes Itself

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Where Good Ideas Come From

Here’s a great talk about where good ideas come from. Do you see in this talk why being on a mastermind team is a good idea?

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Launch Your Goals and Dreams in 2011

Join a group of great people at a free one day training program that will put your life on the fast track to more success this year. ______________________________ Saturday, February 26th 9 AM to 4 P M Traveller’s Inn, 1961 … Continue reading

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